New services led by Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg, Ph.D., ABPP, we are offering individually-tailored and comprehensive neurocognitive evaluations using standardized tests to meet the distinctive needs of our clients.

Neurocognitive evaluations add an extra layer of understanding to all of our treatment plans, because they evaluate underlying neurocognitive deficits. They can be especially beneficial for young people with ASD, AD(H)D, Tourette Syndrome, OCD, learning disabilities and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Through the testing process, our neuropsychologists identify clients’ cognitive strengths and weaknesses and the foundation from which their skills and deficits arose. The information gathered during evaluations allows our clinicians to create completely individualized plans and cognitive programs for each client.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Expert consultations from one of the world’s leading neuropsychologists, Dr. Goldberg
  • We specialize in diagnosing neurocognitive disorders including but not limited to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • We utilize Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-2 (ADOS-2) and ADI-R assessments – designed to rule out a diagnosis of ASD.
  • With our expertise in behavioral science, we are able to test clients through behavior disturbances
  • Our psychometricians are skilled in administering a variety of assessment tools
  • We accept insurance and will guide you through the process

Our process for neurocognitive evaluations typically follows these carefully thought-out steps:

What will the testing be like? And why am I being tested?

We will give clients tests on an iPad, as well as tests with paper and pencil, and ask a series of questions. Some questions will seem fun, others boring, and some may be frustrating; but the purpose of the tests will be to evaluate your memory, language skills, thinking processes and other skills.

Insurance Coverage

Neurocognitive evaluations are covered by many insurance plans that provide out-of-network benefits.

Visit our insurance coverage page for more information on how we’ll assist you with determining your coverage for testing.

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