Make Autism Services Personal

We are on the team with you! We take autism therapy personally because we serve our children like they are part of our family. Every member of your child’s support team at Helping Hands Family will feel personally responsible for progress, growth and quality of life for your child. We are there for you!


We want to impact the autism community through…

  1. Increased awareness & knowledge about Autism and ABA.
  2. Increased services through advocacy & reaching underserved communities.
  3. Easier access to care through speed of services and number of locations.
  4. Diagnostic services for the younger population.
  5. Conducting research to advance technology.
  6. Mentoring and growth opportunities for our Team.



Let’s build a community of supportive relationships.


Let’s uphold a no-nonsense approach and rely on each other to do the right thing.


Let’s agree to never give up, always push forward and embrace a passion for serving our community.


Let’s always be kind, and try to see things from other’s points of view.


Let’s hold each other accountable for growth.


Let’s exude enthusiasm and positivity and applaud every little step along the way.